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Reblog for a Harry Potter pick up line in your ask box


Because you all seemed to like the jokes so much. A few warnings though

•I’m steering away from any dirty ones because I wouldn’t really feel comfortable sending those to people I don’t know (however if you want a dirty one there are plenty to be found on Google, buzzfeed, the tumblr tag etc so don’t despair)

•also I found with the jokes that ask limit’s a bitch so fair warning

•it would be nice if you were following me (breakfastwithponds) but don’t feel in any way obliged

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the end is coming, everybody R U N

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what/who do you associate with me?


I’m curious. What are the, say, top 5 things you associate with me?

Can be a tumblr user, a book, movie, character, actor etc

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I never wanted any of you to die for me.

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cascapaldi asked — remus lupin or sirius black

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Ron: what are you writing
Hermione: .. A letter to the ministry
Ron: why
Hermione: So I can tell them Rita is an animAGUS AND RUIN HER LIFE
Ron: Herm-
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